About us

Sepehr Seir Safiran Tourism Group

Sepehr Seir Safiran tourism corporation is a collection of domestic and international tourism companies which founded in Guilan in 2015. This corporation consists of two offices in Rasht, an office in Sardar-e Jangal international airport (in Rasht), Anzal Parvaz company and also, medical tourism office in Astara border terminal. The new cross-border office of Sepehr Seir in Toronto has been opened since the start of 2024, in order to improve the time and quality of tourism services in Canada.

Sepehr Seir is always moving forward based on our slogan ” 0 to 100 of travel” or ” travel through and through”; due to our customers and perpetual companions’ significant need for high quality and comprehensive tourism services, we decided to start our international services from the other side of the Earth and in North America in the city “Toronto” in addition to our dear country. Our wide range of tourism services and the quality, along with our experienced and passionate staff, introduced the Sepehr Seir tourism Corp. as a vanguard name to the world and it enabled us to give the best services to the best people by relying on our customer’s trust as our greatest asset.